Quality Work For A Lasting Result

From tiling and underground utilities to concrete foundations and flatwork, Drish Construction provides quality work for a lasting result. Southeast and south-central Iowa developers, property owners and governments turn to Drish for their earthmoving-related construction projects. Our excavation work encompasses everything from sanitary sewers and water mains as well as grading and site development. Drish also lays concrete for county roads, city roundabouts and residential foundations and driveways. Request a quote from Drish Construction in Fairfield for the work you need completed.

concrete slab


Look to Drish Construction for decades of expertise in concrete streets, roundabouts, sidewalks, stoops, driveways, parking lots, foundations and more. We provide quality work that stands the test of time for residential, commercial, municipal and county concrete projects.

Agricultural Work

Solve the problem of standing water with field tiling systems and terracing designed for optimal drainage. Drish Construction’s decades of experience in agricultural tiling, terracing and pond development ensures an effective water management system that is tailored to your property. Fairfield area farmers have put their trust in us since the company was founded in 1951.


Trust in our 70 years of excavation and site development expertise for any commercial, residential or municipal project. Our team’s earthmoving experience helps ensure precise site development for roads, underground utilities, residential and commercial developments, farm buildings and other construction projects. With qualified engineers and specialized equipment, Drish provides competitive, precision construction work on water mains, sanitary sewers, storm sewers and septic systems.


Complete construction projects on time and on budget with our expertise in commercial excavation, grading and site preparation. Our engineering and surveying services combine with our skill in earthmoving and grading as well as concrete work. Include Drish Construction on your site development team for a quality result for any roadway or building project.


Remove structures from a property with experienced, efficient demolition services. Drish Construction provides safe demolition of farm structures and buildings, garages, businesses and other structures. Contact us to learn more about our demolition services for your obsolete structures.


Optimize your property with expert grading and concrete work, such as driveways and foundations. We can assist with curb appeal through sidewalks and stoops as well as digging a private pond. We also offer grading to ensure proper water runoff and yard shaping. Underground water, sewer and drainage lines can also be installed. Contact us for details and a quote.

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